Special BOGO Offer

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Buy One, Get One free

OSTS is excited to be able to provide a time limited offer for the 2022-2023 academic year. The basic idea for this offer is as follows. Each person who:

  • registered during the period of online classes (2020-2021 or 2021-2022); and
  • is returning this year

is eligible to invite 1 (one) friend who is "new" to OSTS to attend free of charge this year. For the purposes of this offer, "new" is defined as not having attended OSTS in the previous 5 years.

Please remember that OSTS is run purely by volunteers, including our registration coordinator and treasurer. We don't want to make their jobs overwhelming or unreasonable, especially with the added work of correlating all the names and tracking down details related to this offer! So we kindly request that you please adhere to the following procedure to take advantage of this offer.

  1. First, for the returning participant: you'll need to know the name of your friend at the time you register this year, so please determine who that will be and confirm they will attend with you.
  2. Whatever period the returning participant registers for, their friend is also registered for the same period. I.E. If you register only for one semester (fall, or winter), your friend is eligible to attend for free only for that same period.
  3. The returning participant should register first, being sure to include the name of your friend in the box provided for that info. We kindly ask that you are prompt with submitting your payment asap after registering.
  4. The new participant should register second, and include the name of the returning participant who is sponsoring them in the box provided for that info.

Additional notes

If you're returning and can't decide whether you want to come for one or both semesters, that's not a problem. Registering for the two semesters separately also allows a friend to attend both semesters for free.

There is no restriction on the choice of courses. The returning and new participants do not necessarily have to take the same courses (though it will likely lead to better conversations if you do!)